Wreath door hanger with bloody eyes DIY for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and we all want our homes to look spookiest for Halloween but most of the time we don’t get much time or run out of ideas. Check out more amazing ideas for Halloween decorations. Let’s learn how to make a wreath door hanger with bloody eyes looking at you, with some quick and easy steps.

Things you will need Wreath door hanger with bloody eyes DIY for Halloween:

  • Wreath foam
  • Black paint
  • White ping-pong balls
  • Feather boa or dry leaves boa( can be artificial)
  • Colorful permanent marker set
  • Floral pin
  • Glue

Step 1: Take the foam wreath and paint it black. This might take you a little bit of time as the foam will soak the paint. So, make sure, you don’t leave a bit.

Step 2: While the wreath gets ready, meanwhile let’s make out poping out bloody eyes. Take the ping-pong ball and draw the retina of the eye with black color. And then give color to your eye. You can use red, blue brown in any color for this part. And finally don’t forget the details about the bloody eyes, the red veins.

Try to make it as real as possible to trick your visitors.

Step 3: Attack floral pins to the ping-pong ball with hot glue at the back of the eye.

Step 4: Take the foam wreath and wrap the feather boa around it and secure it in place with the help of floral pins or you can even use Fevicol for this. But make sure that you don’t use any strong adhesive as it will harm the foam wreath.

You can also use dry artificial leaves boa to give it a realistic and more creepy look.

Step 5: After fixing the boa, secure the bloody eyes to the wreath in a haphazard manner with the help of the floral pins.

TADAAAAA your wreath door hanger with bloody eyes DIY for Halloween is ready to trick your visitors.


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